Nation of the Wolf Faction Thread

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Nation of the Wolf Faction Thread

Post  Messiah on Wed 22 Jan 2014 - 4:09

Name: Nation of the Wolf

Description: A nation which has law, order and a system of honour.

Founded by: Doctor Jacob Francis Youll

Date Founded: September, 2505

Goal: To protect their borders and reinforce their laws, gathering technology too.

Government ranks high to low:
Director. The leader of the entire nation with an iron fist.

Judge. They judge people and give out punishments for crimes.

Advisor. They are the people who grant citizenship and advise citizens.

Military ranks high to low:
Commander. The commander is the leader of the military. He co-ordinates it and keeps it in line for the Director. There can only be one of them.

Captain. A captain, is team leader. They train recruits and lead a team. There can only be two of them.

Operative. They have been selected specifically by either the Commander, or the Director himself, for the courage and skill they have shown in battle.

Sergeant. They have worked extremely hard for this rank and as a result, they get a 'pair'.

Specialist. This means they have been promoted from the lowest rank, after a long time of hard work.

Private. This means they have just been inducted into the Nation's military.

They began as a simple mafia, stealing and terrorising the area with style and honour. Eventually, their numbers grew. A mafia, being a small, criminal organisation, they decided they should take up a more authoritive post. Then, the Nation of the Wolf was born.

They are a dictatorship which runs on order and honour. They aren't as brutal as pictured.

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