Hallo, Ich bin roland (german on purpose :3)

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Hallo, Ich bin roland (german on purpose :3)

Post  bloodyroli on Wed 22 Jan 2014 - 0:22

Hey there,
my name is Roland also known as bloodyroli. Just a few days ago i was searching for a Fallout RP server, found the post apocalyptic one tough. Found the system quite interesting and yea, since then i am here.
Some personal Information
My full name is Roland Andreas Leopold
I am 15 years old, birthday is the 20th december 1998
I love every kind of RP and was admin on about 11 gmod servers already.
When i am not playing i am ATTEMPTING to make good maps for gmod, made about 15, didnt release one at all.
So that would be about it. Ohhh yea and i am austrian.
Greetz Roland :3

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