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Post  Messiah on Sun 5 Jan 2014 - 16:17

2012. Europe get rid of the Euro and they go back to their countries' old currency. After a few months, companies go bankrupt, and people get poorer. The countries themselves amass a large amount of money though.

Riots begin to kick out and EU peacekeepers have to move in to aid.
January, 2013, Civil unarrest gets begins to break out in Europe. People manage to take over their countries from the rich governments. They have power which they cannot use.

Later on in 2013, North Korea threaten the world with the threat of Nuclear war. Europe reply with a rocket. America join in.

Clear that the world would end, populace decide to hide.

Diplomats went into cryogenic storage with Scientists, the Survivalists went into cryogenic sleep in their bunkers and the Average Joe, build bunkers to survive in.
The cryogenics pods and the bunkers were made by the same company. Their default time to deactivate or open was 500 years. Diplomats, Scientists and Survivalists spent the 500 years in a sleep. The Average Joe lived out their lives, leaving behind their legacy for their kin.

There was a facility malfunction on the 29th of June, 2495. A science facility collapsed, damaging the cryogenic pods. Most of them died, some managed to get out. 2495 was the first human life the earth had seen for 482 years.

The first group of pods opened in 2502. The first influx of survivors to get out.

The pods are still opening up. You are one of them.

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Pls do not ignore the server canon

Post  LolTheKitty on Mon 20 Jan 2014 - 11:25

I've recently noticed people ignore the server canon a lot now and it's getting boring and irritating. 

So all players pls read this and make a note of it so you rember. This isn't fallout.


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